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// "Luxury is meaningless if there is no one to afford it" //

In all ages, as in ours, there is someone who can afford it. But who we remember: those who created it or those who lived in it.

The former are "genius". And to the second we are grateful because they have been the patrons of perfection.


  • Interior design: Ivan Alexandroff

  • Product design: Nadezhda Dimitrova

  • Design and implementation: 100% Dada Project Studio

  • Photos: BulFoto Agency

  • Hotel apartment: 135 m2

  • Location: Student City

The specificity of this project is the chance to make a complete re-design of the architectural layout where the bedrooms are not situated in a trivial "quiet night tract" but "generously" connected by a walking line – a "picture gallery" corridor – overflowing into the living room.

The glazing unites all the rooms including the bathrooms. The same goes for the terrace with an amazing view to “Black Peak”.

Thus we achieved a layout of the whole space – in the context of the interior CONCEPT – creating an interior where the "main character" is SPACE - extensive, with a very artistic vision, surrounded by forms with individual design, memorable for its specific aesthetics.

Stylistically and colorfully – it feels the inspiration of the "art deco" trend. Yet this is not a successful replica but a sustainable work with selfish independence.

The “individual” design of the furniture highlights all projects of the studio. But in this interior they are not featured as accents. The ambition is for the look to be curious and to arouse aesthetic pleasure, "wandering" from the floor to the walls and the ceiling, with the feeling of harmonious wholeness.

Of course, а professionally analytical look will distinguish the kitchen "covered" with a print, the special composition with the clock, as well as the built-in fireplace with the rhythmically arranged shelves next to it in the living room. Also the sideboard in the master bedroom.

All of them have their individual formation but in a common compositional coexistence.

There are also single furniture – dining table, lounge table, "compliments" like nightstands and tables around beds and between armchairs – which are supplementary to the concept being another perspective of designing – a subject of product design and makeable in serial production.

MDF with different finishes, metal tubes and sheet metal, glasses - clear or in color, mirrors and natural textiles. These are the materials of which the above furnishing elements are made. They are copyright design of Dada Project Studio’s team and are made in the "workshops" of our associates and partners.

Other items of furniture follow – delivered from Italian factories. Those are specially selected brands whose samples and catalogs have been present over 10 years in Interior Dada Showroom.

Referring to that project:

In a living space each set should be in the right place to fulfill its purpose taking part in the "local atmosphere". So the desired comfort is achieved. As soon as the high standard of comfort has been achieved – we cannot talk about "the best functional solutions". A project is not convertible once there are compromisingly functional solutions.

Each project has its specific challenges. But in our practice all have their common denominator. And it is the Project performance - a COORDINATION to follow up the implementation of the engineering parts on the one hand and the work of "furniture makers, glaziers, metalworkers, mounters etc." by implementing the furnishing part on the other.

And finally comes the CONTROL - project management and author's supervision.

A component that gives meaning to the complex quality and general atmosphere of BLACK PEAK is the feeling of: Chic, harmony, optimism.​

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