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// „Before you create something material, ask yourself if there is a certain value or an original idea in what you are about to do.“ //

Karim Rashid


We live in clichés, multiplications, illusions and interior duplicates.

The team of Dada Project Studio professes the "broad principles of professional behavior".

The interior design is not just an aesthetic task with certain functions, but also a MORAL one.

Every designer of our studio is dedicated to a good reputation, an inimitable class and devoted to his work.

• Individual approach to each project - a personal vision of the space and uniqueness of each item of the furnishing

• A project that is not a self-centered creative expression but always compliant with the budget framework, which the client or the investor expects

The Residential interior design is something precise.

It requires special communication with the client and mutual acquaintance to harmonize the notions of function, style, shape, color ... music, hobby.

The residential interior should be a human qualities carrier, to fill with joy, harmony, positive cohabitation, social comfort; to respond to the needs and the lifestyle so the residents feel AT HOME.

//"We must be conscious of adapting to this world at this moment"// Karim Rashid

The Public interior is a missionary task for the DESIGNER. The requirements here are in the large range of function - production, working and administrative environment; public service, nutrition; sport, recreation, entertainment; club and cultural centers.


And also to the COMMON COHABITATION between man and "artificial intellect".

The latter does not change the general rule of Dada Project Studio:

When designing a public interior, the conceptual goal is achieving a utilitarian environment that is beneficial for both – individual human qualities, and human relationships in a broad social aspect.

The principles in our creative reasoning are:

Referring to interiors for branded companies, we are looking for inspiration to project a design-system with a corporate identity.

preview (1).JPG

Spaces are fanned by the indomitable spirit of artistry and liberty.

In Club atmospheres – sometimes subject to color comfort, sometimes in a pied variety.

But always prepossessing the unstoppable positive vanity. Spaces that give conditions to be bloated by events.

Spacial design and galleries - we freely interpret the idea of the "WHITE CUBE".

But we also have a special attitude towards the dadaistic approach.


TV studios - "modernity" where format and content are in accordance with the form.

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