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// „Dada is a state of mind“//

Marcel Duchamp


The Individual design is an integral part of our principles in terms of interior design, and thus binding on our projects.

These are suspended ceilings, wall finishes and storage units; permanent and partial - 2D and 3D partitions between individual zones; entire sets – groups of furnitures, as well as single furniture with individual shape. All of them are part of the general composition and belong only to the particular interior.

Individual design gives uniqueness but requires special skills in making the project, as well as in the execution phase we implement with our partners in Bulgaria and Italy.

We refer to individual design also projects which lay out whole premises (EXAMPLE Kids Room).

And more functional rooms like household or wardrobe ones, ect..

Our practices definitely show - the good balance between the elements of the interior per individual design and these per catalog order /objects of the industrial design/ gives extra quality and value to the project.

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