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Bolzan Letti is a global brand for bedrooms. The company is a leading player in the market and among the main manufacturers and distributors of upholstered beds and accessories, stylish and handcrafted furniture. Modern or classic design, together with maximum comfort, have strengthened the company's presence in an increasingly demanding, competitive and global market, without neglecting its heritage in any way.

The growing success of Bolzan Letti in the national and international market is due to the attention paid to contemporary trends and their evolution, and the drive to continuously pursue high standards of quality and original design. What most clearly defines Bolzan Letti is the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. Their products are handcrafted down to seemingly insignificant details, with the help of technological solutions offered by industry.

Samples of textiles and finishes are available at Interior Dada Showroom, 2 I. Denkoglu Str.

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