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// “We are all involved in the formation of values in the art that have become a form with life, and this form is the design that identifies our existence” //


Dada Project Studio has been established in 2011 by Mr. Ivan Alexandroff – architect and designer.        


Leading Team:   


Ivan Alexandroff – architect and designer

Nadejda Dimitrova – interior and product designer

Alexander Dimitrov – design manager

Diana Kambourova – showroom manager


Special Project Team:   Francesco Lucchese & Alexandroff, architects/ designers

About Ivan Alexandroff

In his early period he worked at “Promproject – Architectural Group” (Sofia city) in the 70’s and after as Chief Designer of the Bulgarian Light Industry in the early 80’s.                                                                                                                                 


Later on as Architect of international projects in Georgia, Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, and Italy working in a team with Mr. Manolo Nunez Yanowsky, Mr. Alek Japaridze, and other architects with international career.

The following period he performed as self-employed different architectural and interior design projects.

In 2001-2003 worked in Istanbul as Interior and Product Designer for VEKO, ELASTICO and other local companies.


After that period Re-starts his collaboration with Arch. Peter Bourdziev  (after having worked together at PIRIN - design studio in 1980’s). Mr. Bourdziev started his career at AGROPROMPROJECT (Sofia city).


Next worked at STAVOPROJECT (Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic) and at INTERPROJECT at the International Architecture Academy in Sofia.

The team of both leading architects and their associates continues working today on local and international architectural projects as well as on different in scale – spatial and interior design projects.

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