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Design is Art with decorative or serving human activities purpose

Dada is a reference to Dadaism as a creative and
conceptual indentification:


"Caring for Your Investment": Mission

C3 – Concept, Coordination, Control : Formula


We founded the Dada Project Studio in October 2011.

It is located between “Vitoshka” and Makedonia square on Ivan Denkoglu street at the corner with “Tsar Samuil”, an area where many art and craft art galleries are situated.

Naturally influenced by the context of the location, the art of artists with international recognition such as Nikolay Panayotov, Larisa Ilieva and Anastas Kamburov can be seen in our space additionally. Art is involved also in the style and the technology of our work. For example in the first phase of designing "CONCEPTION" - we put Art into our work by making collages, mockups, hand-drawn sketches, while at the same time depicting our inspiration as well.

Of course in social and marketing aspect, above all in this phase a thorough analysis is required.

The creative process continues at a later stage with Computer Aided Design Systems - CAD (AUTOCAD, ARCHICAD, SKETCH UP). Here we are already entering the "COORDINATION" phase - the actual design, when the project is being coordinated with relevant engineering specialties, as well as with contractors and suppliers.

And that is how it comes to planning, logistics and budget that are part of the implementation of the project and the final stage "CONTROL" - Project management and Design Supervision on the quality of production and performance.

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