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// „My juicer is not meant to squeeze lemons; it is meant to start conversations“//

Philippe Starck


This quote most accurately reflects the contemporary shape and content criteria that stand before the Industrial design - designs of products intended for series production.

Therefore we too have adopted in our practice the popular concept - Product design.

For the interior furnishing elements, we distinguish between the following qualities:

A. Catalog products by EU-producers

B. Customized products that we design individually for a particular project but are suitable for serial production - single or group of furniture

C. Design systems with corporate identity which production has repeatability – refers to shops, offices and more.

D. Custom-designed products by client’s and external producers order.

Product design is a philosophy and a concept. The Dada Project Studio’s starts this way:

F3 /Function is Form for Factor/ - This is history.

This emblematic formula has inspired legendary architects and designers, and continues to have its followers.

Respecting its principles, today the user’s view is more abstract, and that of the designer more artistic.

Technologies’ development, constructive diversity, new materials, coatings and colorful palette - "Unleash the FORM".

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