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// “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”//

Leonardo da Vinci


Architecture should be a triumphant creative manifestation, which captivates the imagination and radiates inimitable - style, beauty and energy. The Shape and the facades to be worthy for the sustainable perception of an architectural work.

And the interior layouts are optimally flexibale and rational for

transformations into functional interior solutions.

Our approach to Architecture is as a Team, so the components - knowledge and experience, original ideas and talent - to be in configurations /architects and designers/ that most closely match as per the specificity of particular project or the willingness of the investor.

Thus, we have achieved continuity of positive practices in Bulgaria and in Europe, in the work with the architects: Manolo Nunes, Lozan Lozanov, Petar Burdjiev, Nikolay Dimitrov, Philip Castania.

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