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// „Freedom is the only style“//

Philippe Starck


Dada Project Studio operates within its designer "workshop," creating furniture and also producing furnishings, details, and elements in several partner "workshops," each specializing in the manufacturing of products from various materials such as glass, metal, wood, and more. Alongside our partners, we cover all stages of the process—from design to installation—believing that only the completion of the entire service cycle can guarantee a quality result.

The workshop for furniture surfaces and natural solid wood:

We utilize products from Egger, Kronospam, Blum, G'gras, Hettiche, and Hafele.

The workshop for metal products and furnishings:

This workshop offers the fabrication and installation of structures and furniture made from metal. It employs the latest metal processing technologies, aligning with contemporary trends in furniture design and precision in the treatment of raw metal.

The workshop for architectural glass solutions:

  • Frosted and reinforced glass, mirrors, and accessories tailored to client-specified dimensions.

  • Glazing—single, double—with construction and special glass for internal and external doors and interior partition walls.

  • Construction, decorative glass, and mirrors: processing, reworking, and installation.

  • Glass doors and furniture made of glass.

  • Glass partition walls and showcases.

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