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Floor lamp, table lamp, suspension, applique and furniture

Zava was founded in 1982 from the creativity and visionary energy of Franco Zavarise. The company work metal defining its history year after year, thanks to the handcraft skills, strongly connected to a continuous technological innovation that contribute to make unique their handcraft skills. Today the company is considered an excellence of Made in Italy in metallic carpentry. Following his natural instinct for design, Franco Zavarise from the beginning combines his long experience in metal processing with a great passion for lighting.

In its headquarter coexist craftsmanship and avant-garde technology, while the work outlined by machinery of latest generation is shaped by a wise and irreplaceable manual workmanship.

This combination created a completely original and out of the box lighting product collection whose manufacturing takes place thanks to great attention to detail.

A unique lighting collection whose pecularity is the result of the combination between iron's material consistency and resistence and the light's impalpable weightlessness.

| For further informations and orders: Interior Dada Showroom /I. Denkoglu 2 Str., Sofia/

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