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Interior Dada Showroom is a representing the Italian brand Tonalite. The brand has been a manufacturer of stylish ceramic flooring since 1974.


In Interior Dada Showroom /Ivan Denkoglu 2 str./ you can find samples from the Italian brand Tonalite.


Tonalite products are designed and developed to be the element, with which you give shape to creativity. Designed based on a wide range of colors, with a complementary and versatile variety of shapes and special pieces, Tonalite products enhance the look of any space, offering 27 collections, 19 shapes and 12 varieties of geometric shapes. Tonalite is growing as a solid brand in the commercial network, with an eye that is always attentive to technological research and the most innovative design.


The ceramic element is the means by which the designer and the project can express themselves beyond the boundaries of an idea, creating originality. Tonalite's style crosses 4 continents and 47 countries to bring the passion and tradition of Italian ceramics to the world.

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