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Interior Dada Showroom is a representing the Italian brand Riflessi. Riflessi produces designer furniture (chairs, tables and case furniture), decoration (mirrors, wall clocks) and lighting.


In Interior Dada Showroom /Ivan Denkoglu 2 str./ you can find samples from the Italian brand Riflessi.


Riflessi's proposals for home decor are inspired by soft minimalism, but always characterized by particularity and detail. Their style is the combination of forms whose beauty is measured by the need for practicality, important for modern homes. Each item is elegant in its own way. Aesthetic value is, of course, accompanied by functional properties, thereby increasing the value of the object itself, conceived for design and manufacture as a whole.


Riflessi's experience is based on continuous innovation to create designer products 100% made in Italy. The design, technology and material research were born from the studies of Italian architects, engineers and designers. All production takes place in factories in Italy and is subject to strict quality control. Riflessi constantly invests in the search for new materials and new technologies to make its furnishing proposals more practical and functional and to guarantee finesse and originality.

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