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We present to you an apartment in Sofia, completed in 2017.

PROJECT AND EXECUTION: DADA PROJECT STUDIO /a space for architecture, interior and product design/

100% MADE IN DADA Apartment: PARKVIEW, Sofia

The boundaries in the living area of this apartment are completely "erased" and strongly "blurred" towards the bedrooms. In the latter, the bathrooms and dressing rooms are in a common space. In execution of the "mission", some furniture "disappears" as they are completely covered with mirror panels. Neutral color scheme, natural wood, natural surface texture and minimalist form "unite" efforts to allow the exterior space to be a "permanent guest" in this home. Minimalism can be contagious. "We reached the absurdity, with the consent of the owners, to dismantle furniture details, and we housed a shelf in our showroom. Dada, quite an extreme decision."

Products by catalog: sofas - Aurorasofa, chairs - Kastel and beds - Bolzan can be found and ordered at Interior Dada Showroom - 2 I Dekouglou Str.

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