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// "Luxury is meaningless if there is no one to afford it" //

In all ages, as in ours, there is someone who can afford it. But who we remember: those who created it or those who lived in it.

The former are "genius". And to the second we are grateful because they have been the patrons of perfection.

PANORAMA, Ladies' Bedroom

In the Ladies' Bedroom, every element is designed for comfort, making the space a pleasure to inhabit. But it is also a gentle fairytale, where form, color, light, and materials are in perfect harmony.

The flooring is by Berti, the lighting by Axolight, the bed and nightstands by Dall'Agnese, the lounge chair and side table by Vibieffe. All products are available at Interior Dada Showroom, 2 I. Denkoglu Street.

The storage units (wardrobes), dressing table set, and tables, as well as the sink cabinet, are designed and manufactured by Dada Prodject Studio.

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