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Interior Dada Showroom is a representing the Italian brand Novacucina. The brand offers individual solutions for furnishing the kitchen, but also countertops for the bathroom and cabinet furniture.


In Interior Dada Showroom /Ivan Denkoglu 2 str./ you can find samples from the Italian brand Novacucina.


Novacucina expresses all its versatility in the strong combination of artisanal attention to detail and modern dynamics. The great freedom in design comes from the endless possibilities of combination and the quality of the production elements.


The variety of materials is great, as the tops can be steel, laminate, wood or lacquered.

Stainless steel worktops offer great flexibility in designing the kitchen environment. Thicknesses can vary from minimal 0.4cm to large thicknesses - 13cm.

Laminate countertops have always been a guarantee for ease of use. The choice can range from the classic plain colors with a smooth finish to the more specific laminates with a stone finish, to the new decorative wood and concrete. The thickness can be between 20, 40 and 60 mm.

Veneered wood worktops help to add warmth to the kitchen environment and can be combined well with all types of facades (laminate, wood, varnish and glass). Wicker oak countertops deserve special attention.

Unlike wooden countertops, lacquered countertops are characterized by a minimal look, especially in the matte version. The choice of color can vary without restriction.

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