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Marca Corona is an Italian ceramic manufacturing company that has been producing high-quality ceramic floor and wall tiles since 1741. Combining exceptional technical characteristics with the typical style and elegance of the best "Made in Italy" products, Marca Corona ceramics are suitable for both residential and commercial areas. They cater to private customers, designers, and architects seeking this exceptional touch.

Marca Corona's products are extremely A.S.T.M. tiles (certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials), indicating that their high quality is certified by the most important international organization dealing with testing methods for various materials.

Marca Corona believes that a company plays a key role in today's society, working with transparency and fairness to all stakeholders, whether customers, suppliers, or personnel. For this reason, they wholeheartedly adopted the "Ethical Code" of Confindustria Ceramica, which requires companies to clearly state the country of origin of their products.

They believe that "Made in Italy" is an emotional mark with strong values, not just a sales slogan. Values such as style, design, product quality, environmental, and social responsibility. Those who buy these ceramic tiles should be confident that they are produced using technologies that respect the environment, use high-quality and safe raw materials, and are manufactured under the best possible working conditions.

Marca Corona porcelain tiles possess unique characteristics that guarantee the best quality and provide excellent technical and aesthetic features. Resistant to chemicals and adverse atmospheric conditions, the porcelain collections are available in a wide range of sizes and surfaces to meet various needs.

Marca Corona offers porcelain stoneware cladding solutions that allow architects and designers to plan any type of space: residential, commercial, indoor and outdoor spaces, small areas, and large architectural projects. Over the years, the company has developed avant-garde products for specific needs in various planning and projects.

Samples and folders are available at the Interior Dada Showroom, 2 I. Denkoglu Street.

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