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// „Before you create something tangible, ask yourself whether that you're going to do some kind of value or original idea“//

Karim Rashid

PRIVATE INTERIOR E/B, BlackSeaRama, Balchik

A golf course, a golf club with a restaurant, individual houses with pools, bike paths, a fitness center, an amphitheater on the edge of a plateau, and, of course, endless sea views – this is not a scene from the French Riviera or America, but from Bulgaria. The Black Sea Rama golf course near Balchik has been in operation for two years now, and it is from here that we present this house.

The owner of the house is a successful woman who has traveled and seen a great deal. Her decision to build her home in this particular location is an interesting one. She herself recounts that when she visited her daughter in the United States years ago and toured a golf course in Santa Barbara, she was captivated by the view of the ocean from the edge of the plateau. This combination of a golf course, the sea, and the tranquility of a gated community seemed to her an unattainable dream. The memory remained deeply embedded within her, and she began to inquire whether a similar project would ever be developed in Bulgaria. And, lo and behold, she did not have to wait long. She discovered Black Sea Rama and became one of the first owners of a plot in the complex.

In the original project, architect L. Puncheva (architect of the complex), working with Ivan Alexandrov, made several significant changes so that the light and sun would enter the house directly and the entire view to the south towards the sea and the pool would be visible from every room.

The architectural layout achieves a seamless flow between the spaces of the individual zones, so that the overall volume has a unified appearance.

The bathtub, shower cabin, and sink have been combined in the largest bedroom, creating a single, cohesive space. The house has four bedrooms, a spacious living room with dining area, and a luxurious covered veranda in front of the pool, where guests and hosts alike gather to relax and enjoy the summer weather.

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