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Interior Dada Showroom is representing  the Portuguese brand Gresart. The brand is focused on the production of ceramic floor and wall coverings.


In Interior Dada Showroom /Ivan Denkoglu 2 str./ you can find samples from the Portuguese brand Gresart.


The company, founded in July 1981, is based in the heart of the central region of Portugal, where, due to the abundance and quality of raw materials and human resources, the best tradition of the Portuguese ceramic industry is rooted.


Taking on the challenge of modernization with continuous investments in the improvement of its industrial park, in the improvement of production techniques and in the training of its human resources, Gresart has joined the limited group of Portuguese ceramic companies certified under the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Always looking for the best combination of human and technical means, with a view to producing the best products, Gresart strives to continue this tradition and contribute to its enrichment.

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