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Residential consultation services

Providing of samples

Negotiating of advantageous terms

Interior DADA Showroom offers two groups of products:

  • Furniture designed by DADA PROJECT STUDIO, manufactured in Bulgaria

  • Interior elements from leading European manufacturers

The first group offers the possibility of an individual approach to each customer and interior. The second group refers to the proven quality of the brands whose products Interior DADA Showroom distributes. These products are carefully selected to meet specific requirements, from individual sets to entire interiors.

The products are from the latest collections and stylistically vary from sophisticated chic to discreet luxury. They are always the perfect combination of comfort and originality.

The good balance between the two groups guarantees a good result between aesthetics and budget.

A complete catalog illustration, samples of materials, visualizations of sets and atmospheres are provided for your attention. The DADA team is also available with their professional knowledge of the products.

This specificity of Interior DADA Showroom makes it a welcoming place for customers and designers.

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