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Interior Dada Showroom is representing the Italian brand Disegno Ceramica. The brand is focused on the production of high-end sanitary ceramics.

In Interior Dada Showroom /Ivan Denkoglu 2 str./ you can announce samples of the Italian brand Disegno Ceramica.

The company started working during 1993. A history that begins with a product certified by production carried out on the territory of one of the most important Italian industrial centers of bathroom ceramics: Civita Castellana. Disegno Ceramica is a typical but refined design brand "made in Italy", in which design/project, research and production are expressed in the proposed collections. Today, they have a track record that certifies them as a mature, evolved and innovative company. Values that translate into what is sought today: sustainability, health, endurance, strong expressive character and personal style.

The bathroom and the kitchen are living spaces in which each of us performs our own rituals, it is a space that must be guarded and protected. They should be beautiful and functional. Mental as well as physical spaces.

The ceramic products are available in a wide range of sizes for every need.

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