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// "Luxury is meaningless if there is no one to afford it" //

In all ages, as in ours, there is someone who can afford it. But who we remember: those who created it or those who lived in it.

The former are "genius". And to the second we are grateful because they have been the patrons of perfection.


Mediterraneo Room

The Mediterraneo room is designed to serve as a children's guest room, guest bedroom, and office. The furniture is specifically chosen to meet the needs of each of these functions.

The built-in cabinetry includes a workspace, a play area, and a space for a display. The design and construction of the cabinetry is by Dada Project Studio.

The ottomans are multifunctional, designed by Dall'Agnese Spa. The sofa features the most innovative mechanism for transforming into a comfortable bed, designed by Aurorasofa. The furniture is all in keeping with the overall style of the room.

The overall atmosphere is also defined by the flooring, wallpaper, and curtains, all by Eijffinger. The lighting is discreet, with a subtle accent from the hanging fixture by Axolight.

The bathroom is part of the overall space and is harmoniously integrated with it.

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