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Interior Dada Showroom represents the Italian brand Bertolotto Porte, focusing on the production of distinctively styled interior doors.

At Interior Dada Showroom (2 I. Denkoglu Street), you can find samples from the Italian brand Bertolotto Porte.

Bertolotto Porte invests great passion in designing new decorations and models, each of which stands out and is crafted with attention to detail, aiming to bring style and elegance to all interior door designs while paying utmost attention to the desires and expectations of customers.

The best exclusive models, the skills and talent of the craftsmen, and the use of the most advanced technologies characterize Bertolotto Porte's interior doors with the highest quality and original design, entirely Made in Italy.

Doors are not just objects; they are more like commissioned works: Bertolotto Porte aims to create excellence that becomes part of daily life. The doors are designed specifically for those who wish to be surrounded by beautiful things, choosing to furnish their homes with solutions capable of expressing lasting values. By combining tradition with innovation, they work in an environmentally friendly manner—a commitment the brand ensures.

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