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Interior Dada Showroom exclusively presents Thonet chairs in a classic and modern interpretation by ALBANIS in its showroom!


It all began in a small workshop in 1970 with the idea to shape wood. The passionate efforts of the founders led to the well-known and sought-after brand ALBANIS in the furniture sector. The journey started with the production of bamboo furniture. Substantial financial and personnel investments in research and development made it possible for the factory to shape wood with ease, achieving stability and aesthetics in furniture. Today, ALBANIS FURNITURE PRODUCTS are designed by professionals and crafted from high-quality wood.

Possessing this know-how, the company meets all the requirements for customer comfort and taste.

ALBANIS PRODUCTS have become a symbol of aesthetics, quality, and durability in many holiday resorts, resorts, hotels, bars, and residences.

ALBANIS FURNITURE exports to several European countries.

*In the Interior Dada Showroom, you will find a variety of samples of Albanis chairs!

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