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// "Luxury is meaningless if there is no one to afford it" //

In all ages, as in ours, there is someone who can afford it. But who we remember: those who created it or those who lived in it.

The former are "genius". And to the second we are grateful because they have been the patrons of perfection.


The flooring, which is a Diesel-designed parquet manufactured by Berti /Diesel Living with Berti/, unites the area of the wardrobes /designed by us/, the bed /Cinova Busnelli/, and the relaxation and reading set /TONON/. The lighting is by Axolight. All products can be ordered at Interior Dada Showroom.

The fully glazed dividing wall to the bathroom is divided by two columnar cabinets. These, as well as the bathroom furniture, are designed by Dada Project Studio.

The materials and textures – wood, natural leather, metal, and glass – are combined in a color scheme with a "masculine taste" - Calabrian cinnamon, tobacco, and dove gray.

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