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Project: Nadejda Dimitrova - Designer /Dada Project Studio/

PANORAMA, Children's Bedroom # FUTURE

The project is a design system for furnishing a children's room.
The idea is for a flexible product that can "grow with the child". The shape combines asymmetric compositional leading elements of MDF - natural veneer and geometric open and closed volumes made of factory-painted panels.
The system consists of three functional groups - sleep | occupations | storage. Each of them can be adapted to any specific configuration and area of the intended room.
Flexibility is expressed in two qualities:
- The possibility to supplement the volumes according to the needs of the child at the relevant stage /to the already sustainable design of the constructions/
- According to the age of the child, the doors and fronts of the drawers should be replaced with new ones, in a corresponding color or coating.
With these qualities, the room can have a moral and physical life of 20 years. The photos illustrate a completely compositionally finished children's room. The color solution is a continuation of the wallpaper. He was chosen by the child, who is now four years old.
Poufs and tables are arranged in the free area of the room - "upholstered toys".
The overall interior layout also includes the passive elements – a case layout for a glass door to the children's bathroom, "massive" beams on the ceiling and a niche layout, as a replica of the wardrobe.

The implementation is 100% produced in Bulgaria, with complete project management byDada Project Studio.

>>Catalog products:
Bed -Bolzan Letti, Puffs –Dall'Agnese Spa
Lighting -Miniforms

Children's room # FUTURE, as well as the catalog products, you can order atDada Project Studio/Interior Dada Showroom: St. I. Denkouglu 2.

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